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Hi Mwamburi,your mother, she was there for me. I call you my son, but you are your mother’s child. I had always wanted a son, but it was not until I first set my eyes on your mother, that I realized how much I longed for you in my arms. My fathers, they rejoice at your birth because through you, their line will continue and their posterity is secure once more. The women shall fill with song, and the men shall increase in strength. You are a blessing!

There are a couple of things I wanted you to hear from me first, before the world gave you the wrong impression.My son you were meant to thrive and greatness is embedded in your DNA. When other people look at the way you walk, they see something very different about you but they won’t tell you, because what they see is something they wish to see in their own.That is why it’s my place to tell you how proud I am of you, and show you how much I love and cherish you.

First things first, life is simple, life is beautiful. You will hear it said, that life is hard, the same used to be said of mathematics until the teachers worked to change the attitude towards the subject, so as your father I want to give you the right perspective towards life. Many people of the right mindset are thriving , many of the contrary are either living dishonest lives or barely surviving. I knew before you came to this earth that I had to set the right precedent for you. I had to absorb the pain and hurt of this world, so that you wouldn’t work on surviving but instead on building on what your mother and I already furnished for your sake.

Yes, I have made mistakes, perceived and real but hopefully before you get to the end of this letter, you will have understood the difference. My son, Learning is essential to living, and I wish that you use school to equip you with the requisite skills for a successful career and use education to open up your mind to new ideas and ways of thinking, the two, School and education aren’t one and the same. In the same regard, I want you to think long and hard about that extra degree you wish to take at the university, will the knowledge you intend to gain better you or
the society around you? If not, it really isn’t worth your time.

My prayer is that you know what you want early in life and set out to achieve it. This pertains to all areas of your life especially when it comes to the woman you wish to spend your life with. Start something noble and see it through and with time you will know your worth is not defined by material possessions but by executing your purpose and manifesting your strength of character, only then will you learn not to entice a girl using money, but instead with your wit and resolve. That said, if you start anything on the right footing it’s bound to flourish but if you despise wisdom, you can only expect panic, havoc and disaster in the making.

I don’t wish to sound so authoritative in my speech to you, I only wish to shed light on some of life’s puzzles and relay a message so urgent and of great importance to the world. You ask me what’s ailing the world and I will tell you that it’s man himself, there is no evil beyond man’s own imagination. There is no satan, by now you have heard of that notorious character that man blames all his failures, wrong doing and ill luck on just to avoid shouldering the blame of his own actions. When the family failed to teach their own children, school, government, religion, media and other forces came in to fill the vacuum and the madness began. These forces are not bad, it all depends on how they are used.

As with matters truth, there are secrets in life too. Find as many truths and secrets of your own. Learn how to cook a special meal, learn a skill, learn how to make little kids laugh, how to make a girl smile, and how to please a woman. I also wish that you don’t fear the sight of your own blood when you accidentally cut or bruise yourself, blood is the life of us and women are more conscious of this notion, perhaps a reason they are better at surviving than we are. Another thing, for every instant of discomfort in your body, I wish that your first instinct may not be to rush to the hospital as the body heals itself with the help of natural medicine in the form of food and at times it calls for modern medicine. I believe this is something you will learn very well into your adulthood, no need to rush that as I wish you perfect health of body and mind. Also my son, be proud of your skin, hair and beard, nature has a reason for everything.

Also closely related to what I have discussed with you is the issue of finances, how I wish you learn to live within your means and not borrow from lending institutions. Know what item is important and what isn’t and also have some money aside for a rainy day and a coin for a good course. Invest in people, in businesses, rather than in material possessions. Nevertheless, don’t deny yourself wonderful experiences with family and those you love.
I also look forward to you maturing enough to make your own decisions, some will be wrong but don’t beat yourself over them, and some will be wise and shall improve the quality of your life. While at that, learn to say no, not for any other reason but because you feel what is being offered isn’t healthy for you. Mwamburi strong son of the soil, I also hope you find brothers in this life who though not of your kin are supportive of your cause. I cannot emphasize enough how important this has been to me.

Last but not least Son, you don’t need to know or understand everything in life, but don’t be taken into the craze of things, instead question everything and listen to your spirit it will guide you on the right path. When others think they are right for no reason, I hope you go left. Remember, uncertainty is an important element of life, you will never be fully certain about what you want to do, but provided you do it with a clear mind and for a good cause it will be worth every bit.There’s so much I hope to speak with you some other time, for now Godspeed Son!