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A few weeks ago, a photo of David Beckham, Rihanna, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kim Kardashian was doing rounds on social media. It was supposedly a before and after photo, a mug shot of each of the four prior to becoming famous and after. What was apparent in all the before photos was a seemingly lack of appeal, poise and style. They really didn’t look that good, some were pale looking, some had funny hair, and one of them actually looked high and ugly for lack of a better term.

In the after photos, the transformation was evident; you could see the confidence in their eyes, the sparkle in their smiles and the wonderful glow in their skins. They were clad in resplendent attire, spotted signature hairstyles and had impressive physiques; they literally oozed with style, class and sophistication. You have often heard it said that a photo is worth more than a thousand words, something real seemed to have happened to these guys. I am already guessing that you probably loathe one or two of them and think they don’t deserve the attention the paparazzi or society gives to them (not that the paparazzi isn’t part of the society). Anyway the real question here is not whether you like these celebrities or not, but more of how they got to that “after picture”.

How did they manage to look so gorgeous? I really don’t think girls would have warmed up to Cristiano Ronaldo’s before photo and neither would men have loved Rihanna’s but the after pictures are an entirely different scenario. They are a result of the celebrities remodeling and re branding themselves to attain the “It look”. I know you are probably like “yeah, that’s what real money does for you”. Did I read your mind? I agree with you to some extent that money was a factor, but differ on the basis of the foundation. Money didn’t just come running after them; they put themselves out there with something to offer first, it could have been a natural talent or perhaps a skill. That was the premise of the “after look”.

Through recognition of what these celebrities had to offer, money came as a form of gratitude. It was of course this that enabled them to afford the services of designers, stylists and image consults to acquire the polished look. I however believe it was more of what they had to offer and how they wanted to look in their state of accomplishment that actually attracted the after look. Money to them was like fuel to an automobile, a much needed catalyst in their transformation. When it comes to the past, we all have one, and some bits of it are ugly and perhaps even hard to stare at. The past will always be there to remind us where we came from, but it doesn’t need to define who we become.

As with regard to creating that refined look, that perfect picture, we have to realize that it starts by visualizing it. We cannot work towards something, we cannot see. Moreover, the picture should be about what we represent and should therefore transcend all areas of our life, not just the physical. Take a look at Hollywood’s new sweetheart, our dear Lupita Nyong’o who is now being dressed by some of the world’s most expensive designers. Before all the money and the fame she had a budding talent in acting, which she later perfected. Her father, in a touching interview regarding his daughter’s role in the 12 years a slave movie also disclosed that Lupita while studying at the U.S.A used to wake up early in the morning and workout. This brings me to the conclusion of this article which is:

The perfect picture is a combination of several aspects in harmony, with the aim of achieving that one image.

It involves more than just possessing the desired attributes, it is more about highlighting your personal best. It also involves confidence in oneself, inner peace, discipline, determination, hard work and being the best at what you do. Thank you my dear reader, I wish you an awesome time crafting your perfect picture and hope you enjoyed the article. Feel free to like and share it.