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When I used to write with no reader in mind, whatever I wrote felt right and made me happy, it was so easy. Wish I could add a cuss word to my previous statement and say, “it was just damn easy”. But it wouldn’t sound right? Would it? That’s precisely the problem. Now when I sit down to write I have to kind of visualize my readers, and gauge their reaction to my articles. I see the curvaceous beautiful dark skinned girl that was my first fan. She reads this piece in between her campus studies, sucking on a lollipop, as she scrolls through her smart phone with her long manicured nails. She reads it with amusement in her eyes, removing the lollipop from her mouth every once and then to chuckle at every laughable statement I have made. She finds my writing “cute” and hopes it helps her understand how I think, how men think.

The other person I bear in mind is the lady in her thirties, probably forties, that’s scrolling through this piece right now. She has her laptop in her laps; she’s either in bed or at her kitchen table. She sips coffee from a mug as she slowly scrolls down the article in the comfort of her home. For the lady, she isn’t easily amused she wants something more, something that would dazzle her and get her to understand generation Y. Maybe I amuse her, but she wants me to prove I can deliver a wonderful read, which judging by her standards, is nothing short of an intriguing, brilliant and thoughtful read.

Oh! For the men, I hardly think of a man when writing this piece, but judging by my blog follows, a greater number of the followers are men. Anyway, it’s not exactly the kind of thought you ought to have as a male writer unless you are writing for a friend, like my friend Ezra, who I know is reading this article. If not a friend, a male audience is either a school essay or a draft for a job application. When I write, I love to smile at my own thoughts, thinking of a man, plus thinking of the fact some of them rarely smile, isn’t my way of crafting a special piece. Ladies are warm, lovely and understanding…most of them. As to fellow men my age, I like to think that, if it is good for me, it is good for you, unless otherwise stated.

Readers, this has been the challenge I have been facing of late since I didn’t know how well to craft a piece that would cut across the ages. I at times delivered nothing or failed to deliver something worth reading. Nothing ever felt right; I often started an article countless times. Sometimes someone would disrupt my string of thoughts mid way, and when I would take a second look at the article, it wouldn’t carry the appeal it once had when I was deep in thought. I would end up ditching the whole writing process altogether. Now however, thinking of those two readers has helped me get through with this piece.

The other matter that was making it hard for me to write had lodged itself in my mind, such that as much as I felt a good story in my heart, my mind seemed unsettled to write it out. The matter I am alluding to is the worldwide crisis of unemployment. The thought sometimes woke me up in the dead of the night. I have often heard it said that a man is only worth as much as he has in his bank account. I am also not stupid to see how society perceives the unemployed. The questions, the concerns, and suddenly you are everyone’s errand boy; it can really get to you at times. I will however not waste my time worrying about that issue, as I am in the process of working something out.

Readers, I appreciate all of you especially the ones that often turn up to like my articles and the numerous that get my articles in their mail; I can’t start to explain how much that means to me. Apart from the kids that are always smiling at me, especially my baby niece that was beautifully and artistically “devouring” a piece of mango she was eating yesterday; storytelling is how I love to spend my time.

 For me, writing is core to storytelling so when I fail literary, I have failed literally.

Readers, today’s moral is finding reason to continue doing the things we love doing, the things that make us feel alive. Don’t stop looking good, don’t stop loving, don’t stop exercising…Don’t stop being who you are for any reason whatsoever. Don’t allow yourself to be that person who answers questions with the cliche phrase “I used to”… So what was it that made you stop? Have a lovely time Readers! I enjoyed your company!