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Many years ago, when a scared girl opened herself up to a man she barely knew, let alone love, her mother’s words would ring in her mind. The mother would have told her not to worry, do her wifely duties, and that she would grow to love the man, and the children they get will be their ultimate bond, sometimes their only one. In today’s generation, we chase after the elusive and sometimes temporary feeling called love and we no longer fix damaged relationships, we let our lawyers handle that through dragging each other to court, prenuptial settlements and suing for child support.

I also remember the days when it was considered slutty for a woman to apply lipstick, and the days when men with dreadlocks were being gunned down by police confusing them for thugs. On television sets in Kenya, we were recently bombarded by a group of women preventing their little children from getting vaccinated against polio, claiming that the vaccination was against their beliefs. I also know of a certain faith that prohibits blood transfusion and heard of a certain pastor from West Africa, who claimed his manhood could perform miracles. Let me not start on the thousands being fleeced by wealthy pastors and the unlucky few who get robbed in the name of being prayed for. And have we forgotten the ladies who turned up to be prayed for to get husbands?

My question is this: Why do we believe in what we believe in and how many people have really digested the truth in the saying that, our only limitation in life is our thinking?

A beautiful lady once told me that men fear approaching her, because they think she is above their league, when in essence it is just their thinking barring them from a great opportunity. What about the guy that claims to abstain from premarital sex because of purity when in truth it is just out of fear, a serious malfunction or even a twisted sexual orientation? And the guy who feels guilty for having sex with his wife? Readers, what if the person of your dreams was very close to you and you never explored the chance? What if growing taller after twenty four meant sleeping better and just doing a few stretches every day? What if you could be more than you imagined by just changing the way you think?

I am of the opinion that what we think of ourselves and what we believe in is of more importance than anything else in life, including what others think of us. These things literally breathe life into us, or are the death of us. If people treat me badly, it is because I let them, sometimes we don’t need to do anything, our thinking and attitude does that for us.

I also realized that stories depend on the story teller and their perspective which could sometimes be biased. For example, what are some truths behind history and the people who made it? Some motivational speakers for instance make Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the U.S.A appear a weakling with many failures in life when in actual sense he was a very strong person standing at an intimidating height of ft 4 inches and was a very successful lawyer. My question again: Why do we believe in what we believe in and what is the truth behind it? Can a new way of thinking improve the quality of our lives?

I must say, this is one article after my own heart; I am a step closer to understanding myself. Thanks Readers for taking this step with me and may you also uncover your own truths, truths that will improve the quality of your lives!