A while ago I retweeted Vanderpoel’s quote “You cannot love someone unless you realize you can’t love everyone”. The quote led me think a lot about the Kenyan Society, its people and mentality and of course this year when we celebrate Kenya’s jubilee. It was worth noting the numerous unpatriotic views elicited at # celebrating50years. Everyone has a right to opinion, and that’s why I created my own version of celebrating the uniqueness of everyone’s life and in general Kenya’s people. Remember it’s never that’s serious.

I have heard and met different kinds of people in life. There’s that short but muscular guy who wished he could be taller and there’s that tall but very skinny guy who has done everything to gain weight but has failed on all accounts. There’s that very fly girl whom you get to see often, pretty face and majestic figure, she seems overly beautiful until you finally gather the courage to speak to her and when she opens her mouth…A. her teeth are badly discoloured or B. she speaks in an accent that kills the morale in you.

Then there is the well endowed girl, you really ogle at. She has this light dress material, or fitting jeans caressing her great masterpiece and more often she has a well kept weave on her head, when she does turn and you see her face, you just keep walking. It gets better…wait. There’s that beautiful lass, she seems to have everything going for her till you commit into a relationship and realize she is either A. insatiable B. insecure & overly emotional C. irrational blonde or D. all of the above.

There is still that girl, you hardly take notice of because you feel she isn’t pretty enough but when you get to interact with her you find she is a great listener, intelligent, very supportive and has the best heart. Besides all that she loves cooking and cleaning. There is that guy that lacks in many areas but has a great sense of humour and girls never seem to get enough of him and the same kind of guy with zero sense of humour but girls can’t get enough from his…wallet. And there is  the lot that may or may not be good looking but Ciku Muriruri says they have big hands. So you kind of get the drift.

The good looking guy who is impatient and ill tempered, the well educated, very talented but drunk. Good looking but lacks standing in community, not so good looking but great voice. The list is endless. Growing up, I often watched TV and I came to believe white women are so hot, until I grew up and developed a passion for media and realized there is something called ‘casting’ and ‘make up’. The thing is, people come in different sizes and packaging, you just have to choose what means the most to you. I don’t subscribe to money loving or sexualizing but then again, these are the facts, and one has to choose well how to perpetuate their line.

Kenya is 50, but she sure is hot, besides she has some of the best hangouts in the world. She may have had some bad times in the past and isn’t perfect, but she has more than enough, and we all do. I love Kenya because she is beautiful and talented and gives me a chance to take part in discovering her. So long as I am in this relationship I ought to love and respect her. I ought to concentrate on her strengths to allow her to blossom and so should everyone else instead of taking up nicknames on social media to perpetuate hate. In life, it’s not about what you lack but rather what you have and what you do with it.