@Petersize10 posted a picture of him and celebrated TV anchors Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri at the Photo Awards, beneath the picture, he wrote “it was an honour”. I replied to the post and said they looked happy, like the stock brokers in Will Smith’s pursuit of happyness movie. That brings me to the theme of this article, the never ending pursuit of happiness, happiness the quite elusive state of mind.

Like in the movie, life has its every day bustles. People all around us trying to make a living, we have the vendors of all things in town, musicians and even acrobats. There’s so many of us trying to be something, be someone that sometimes to many, the end justifies the means. In the pursuit of happiness, you must first know yourself  as an individual, regardless of whether people believe in you or not. Many people today have gone against the odds to become people the world never thought they could be, all because even after rejection, they never fell out of love and were able to sit through the turbulent times.

I must say it’s quite hard living a mediocre life when you keep feeling you have so much to offer. This is the critical point where the strong weather the hardship storms and the weak give up and take the easy way out…like leaving the troubled relationship or even leaving earth via a noose at the end of the rope. Thomas Jefferson said ‘the pursuit of happiness’, maybe because you never really attain it or am thinking perhaps owing to a fact it’s a long race ahead and you have to saddle up rather well.

In the pursuit of happiness, it gets real tricky when you meet some of your friends that weren’t that good in school, and are now much further ahead. That’s when you realize that life is not all about books and good grades, but about self awareness and opportunities. It is about finding what you are good at, and exploiting the available opportunities which may involve creating them yourself. One of my greatest influences in life, the late Steve Jobs in his Stanford Commencement address, said that one can only connect the dots while looking backwards in life. The small things that make you stand out from the crowd, like typography in Steve Jobs case or even configuring a Rubik’s cube like Chris Gardener in Pursuit of happiness movie.

For others like Sarah Ochwada @snolegal the dots are all the moments she has spent in sports and arts. Running around the tennis court, composing music, singing in the church choir and being interested in an area of law her peers thought was unnecessary. Check her out on twitter, understand what Snolegal is all about and help raise money for a good cause while at the same time you could land a chance to acquire your niche courtesy of the mentor ship program she is offering.

For me, the pursuit of happiness is about crafting that particular piece that my readers will enjoy reading, that I feel speaks to my heart when everyone around me thinks I am wasting time. When everyone else is following the money, I do what I do for the fulfillment I derive from it.

I pause for a while and sit back in my chair, I realize just like the character Chris Gardener portrayed by Will Smith in the pursuit of Happyness movie, I keep on telling people there is no ‘y’ in happiness, it’s ‘I’, I do this for no other reason but because I believe I am part of it. I create my happiness and that’s why it’s an ‘I’…Happiness. Hopefully one day, when the camera clicks, I too will look happy.